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Ideal for high volume poly bag and other thermoplastic sealing. Capable of sealing 15-20 bags per minute. Keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing. Depending on the model of the sealer, materials up to 35" wide and 16 mil total thickness can be sealed. The seal width ranges from 2mm to 8mm. Equipped with a plug-in timer. The timer controls the sealing time needed for different materials. Once the timer is set, it will give a consistently flat seal. Automatically beeps or the signal light on the timer turns off when seal is done. Easy to operate. Set the timer, insert the bag between the sealing bars, press down the foot pedal, and release after timer goes off. To enhance the appearance of the seal, hold the pedal down for an extra second after the timer goes off.

TISF Series Foot Sealer

  • TISF-series comes in light blue
  • 12", 18" & 24" Sealing Width
  • 2mm or 5mm wide seal
  • Holes predrilled for imprinter attachment
  • Sealer comes with a 26" pedestal, a 2" base, an adjustable worktable, and an adjustable foot control
  • Optional 36" pedestal for standing operator is available
  • Manufacturer's replacement kit includes 2 elements and 1 fuse
WN Series Foot Sealer

  • WN-series comes in ivory
  • Available in 30" and 35" Sealing Width
  • 2.7mm seal width
  • Sealer comes with a 26" rectangular steel frame stand
  • Manufacturer's replacement kit includes 2 elements
PFS Series Foot Sealer
  • PFS-series comes in black
  • Available in 14", 18", and 26" with a 8mm wide seal
  • Sealer comes with a 26" pedestal, a 2" base
  • An adjustable worktable
  • An adjustable foot control
  • Manufacturer's replacement kit includes 2 elements, a microswitch, a roll of Teflon, and tools. 
YC Series Foot Sealer

  • YC-series comes with a cutter and U shape sealing bar. 
  • An ideal sealer for poly tubings
  • Available in 18" and 24" with a cutting length of 15" and 21" respectively. 
  • The seal width is 3mm. 
  • It has a rectangular steel frame stand.
  • Manufacturer's replacement kit includes 2 elements, and a knife. 

The Foot Operated Bag Sealers are available as listed below and can be ordered directly from this web site:

Code Name Price  
10200 TISF-302 12" Foot sealer $308.00
10202 TISF-305 12" Foot Sealer w/5mm seal $336.00
10204 TISF-452 18" Foot sealer $336.00
10206 TISF-455 18" Foot Sealer w/5mm seal $364.00
10208 TISF-602 24" Foot sealer $378.00
10210 TISF-605 24" Foot Sealer w/5mm seal $406.00
10212 WN-750F 30" Foot sealer $525.00
10214 WN-900F 35" Foot sealer $720.00
10216 FS-358F 14" Foot Sealer w/8mm seal $279.00
10218 FS-458F 18" Foot Sealer w/8mm seal $315.00
10220 FS-658F 26" Foot Sealer w/8mm seal $345.00
10222 YC-450FC 18" Foot Sealer w/Cutter $300.00
10224 YC-600FC 24" Foot Sealer w/Cutter $375.00
10226 WNR-450FC 18" Foot Sealer w/cutter & film Roller $460.00