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Hand of foot-operated double impulse sealers are ideal for heavy duty application. Depending on the model of the sealer, material up to 24" wide and 20 mil thick can be sealed with a 5mm or 10mm wide seal. The sealer uses 2 heating elements, upper and lower, which fuse the material from both sides at the same time. This gives a faster and better seal for thicker or hard to seal material. Easy to operate. Set the timer, insert the bag between the sealing bars, press down on the foot pedal or handle, and release after the timer goes off. 

W Series Double Impulse Heat Sealer

  • W-series comes in ivory
  • Available in 12", 18", and 24"
  • With a 5mm seal width
  • Equipped with a single or double selector switch
  • User has the choice of using 1 element or 2
  • This feature extends the life of the sealer and at the same time increases its versatility
  • Optional imprinter is available. 
YH-230-S Double Impulse Heat Sealer

  • YH-230S is a 9" hand-operated, double-impulse sealer
  • With a 5mm width seal
  • It is easy and effortless to operate because of CAM operation
  • The sealer is blue in color and can also use a 5mm element

The Sealers are available as listed below and can be ordered directly from this web site:

Code Name Price  
10250 W-300T 12" Double Impulse Foot Sealer, 5mm seal $403.00
10252 W-450T 18" Double Impulse Foot Sealer, 5mm seal $555.00
10254 W-600T 24" Double Impulse Foot Sealer, 5mm seal $599.00
10260 YH-230S 9" Double Impulse Hand Sealer, 10mm seal $505.00