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Ideal for vacuum/gas flush packaging in food, medical, and sterile applications. These sealers are equipped with a stainless retractable nozzle. Depending on the model of the machine, material up to 31" can be sealed with a 1/4" seal width. Vacuum, purge, seal, and dwell time are all controlled by solid state timers with a high degree of accuracy in the MPV and GVS series. The impulse sealing system is utilized so there is no warm-up time. Custom metal Venturi vacuum pump increases compressor life and provides a greater air flow. This also increases the cycles of the machines. No moving of electrical parts are involved. Options such as gas flush/purge, work shield, stand, and feeder tray are available.


DZ-280/2SD is an 11" cream colored plastic vacuum sealer. It has a controlled heat-seal timer and an automatic over heat warning indicator. The sealer is energy efficient, compact, & portable in size. Very simple to operate. No compressor or special bag is needed. It gives a 2 line seal.


MPV-18, 18", 6mm, 1100w

MVP-18, The Mighty Mutt, is a lightweight, all metal construction vacuum sealer. It is the most economical unit that can handle the toughest vacuum packaging.


GVS-2100R, 21", 6mm
GVS-2600R, 26", 6mm
GVS-3100R, 31", 6mm
GVS-3600R, 36", 6mm

GVS-series has a high grade stainless steel body and a heavy duty anodized aluminum frame. It has dual elements, upper and lower, to provide a better seal and usable for thicker material. 

The Sealers are available as listed below and can be ordered directly from this web site:

Code Name Price  
10450 DZ-280/2SD - 11" Light Portable Vacuum sealer $135.00
10452 J-V002H - Tabletop Auto Vacuum Chamber $3,300.00
10454 J-V002H/GF - Tabletop Auto Vacuum Chamber w/gas flush $3,675.00
10456 MPV-18, 18", 6mm, 1100w (Made in USA) $2,335.00