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COLDONE™ Premium Shoulder Therapy Wrap

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For the professional and amateur athlete. The premier cold therapy product for the athlete whose motions cause twisting and torquing.

Covers shoulder, upper arm, pecks and lats. Drives cold deep for soothing relief. Reduces swelling.

ColdOne™ is a truly unique engineered new design concept of a full line of the finest, reusable, Dual Therapy products which offer both Cold Therapy and Compression Support. Years of technical refinement, material selection, testing and manufacturing artistry insure that these premium quality products will create new standards in manufacturing excellence.

Reduce Pain and Improve Performance with the Deep Penetrating Cold Compression coverage.

The ColdOne™ products out perform the cooling aspects of ice and plastic wrap by combining cold therapy with compression therapy without leaking condensation or mess.

The neoprene outer layer provides added insulation and prevents sweating on the outside while our specifically milled inner liner (stretchable, very tough) prevents sweating on the inside and protects skin while driving cold deep.

The unique ColdOne patented ice blanket technology combines an insulated Neoprene outer shell with an inner layer of refreezable, encapsulated, 100% non-toxic liquid. Cold compression therapy for sports injuries, especially recent injuries is widely recommended to reduce swelling and decrease healing time.

ColdOne™ offers a wide variety of products for specific injury areas. Each product utilizes a combination of cold therapy and compression therapy. The cold factor lasts about 20 minutes as recommended by medical professionals and trainers, and the compression therapy can go on for several hours or more.

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COLDONE 3-in-1 Therapy Wrap

Shoulder Therapy Wrap

Code Name Price  
15000 COLDONE™ Shoulder Wrap (100-160 LBS) - Right Shoulder $124.00
15002 COLDONE™ Shoulder Wrap (100-160 LBS) - Left Shoulder $124.00
15004 COLDONE™ Shoulder Wrap (160-220 LBS) - Right Shoulder $124.00
15006 COLDONE™ Shoulder Wrap (160-220 LBS) - Left Shoulder $124.00
15008 COLDONE™ Shoulder Wrap (220-880 LBS) - Right Shoulder $124.00
15010 COLDONE™ Shoulder Wrap (220-380 LBS) - Left Shoulder $124.00