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THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Pack Refrigerants

Thermapack Gel Ice Refrigerants

  • (-10F/-23C) Formulae

  • Provides 15% longer protection then standard gel ice packs

  • Laminated Bags, helps prevent puctures

  • Reusable, NON-TOXIC formula. Returns to gel state on thawing

  • Proprietary structured gel formulation to minimize leakage

  • Reusable, Economical & Effective

  • Safe, Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous
  • Extends Storage Time of Perishables

  • Perfect for shipping perishable products 

THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Packs is a practical and economical refrigerant that is used for shipping any perishable productsthat needs to be kept cold or frozen. The THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Packs contains a highly effective state of the art proprietary refrigerant gel. It will effectively keep the contents of insulated shipping containers cold or frozen without the watery mess or hazards related to using dry ice. It is an economical and superior product which is reusable. THERMAPACK Gel Ice Packs are available in a variety of convenient sizes as listed below.

Use the THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Packs when more lasting protection is needed as it maintains temperatures longer than standard gel ice packs.

THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Packs are ideal for shipping Fish, Chocolate, Confections, Flowers, Prepared Foods, Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Beverages, Poultry, Seafood, Candy, Vaccines, Serum, Pharmaceuticals, Blood Pouches, Bio Products, Lab Samples, etc. THERMAPACK is the new convenient and economical way to keep your perishables effectively refrigerated during shipping.

The THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Packs are available in the following sizes.

Gel Ice Packs (-10F/-23C)

Code Name Price  
79325 THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Pack (4" x 6" ~ 6 oz) 72 / Case $75.95
79326 THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Pack (6" x 8" ~ 16 oz) 36 / Case $48.95
79327 THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Pack (6" x 10" ~ 24 oz) 24 / Case $41.95
79328 THERMAPACK (-10F/-23C) Gel Ice Pack (6" x 12" ~ 32 oz) 18 / Case $43.95