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COOLMOR™ Cooling CAP & HAT Insert

COOLMOR Cooling Bandana

  • Instant Ultra cooling Relief

  • Simply soak in water and use 

  • Attach to any Cap or Hat

  • Universal Design

  • Convenient One Size Fits All

  • Reusable, Economical & Effective

  • Perfect for keeping cool in any heat

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Ultimate Cooling Cap and Hat Insert

This innovative product is a great way to make your favorite Cap, Hat, etc. into an ultra cooling product and beat those sizzling summer days...

COOLMOR™ Cooling Cap and Hat Inserts are designed to provide instant cooling relief in hot environments. Simply soak the Cooling Cap and Hat Inserts in water and attach to the top of any Cap or Hat with the Velcro tabs. The superabsorbent crystals in the interior of the Cap and Hat Insert will absorb several hundred times their own weight in water and provide cooling relief for days.

The COOLMOR™ Cooling Cap and Hat Inserts is a universally designed product. It will fit into any Hat, Baseball Cap, Bucket Hat, Doorag, etc.

The COOLMOR™ Cooling Cap and Hat Inserts are made with 100% cotton fabric that enhances evaporation and cooling. COOLMOR™ Cooling Cap and Hat Inserts are a great way to "air condition" yourself and keep ultra cool.

The COOLMOR™ Cooling Cap and Hat Insert can be effectively used to keep cool in any hot environment when doing strenuous indoor or outdoor work.