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FREEZEZE™ Sports Cooler & Tote Bag

Freezeze Sports Cooler

Freezeze Sports Cooler

Keeps Drinks Cold for 14 Hours.....
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This state of the art versatile, attractive product will keep your drinks ice cold for 14 hours in the hottest climates. It only measures 5" x 10" (3 1/4" in diameter) and holds 1 liter and is easily carried with the shoulder strap. It can also be attached to bicycles, golf carts, chairs, etc.

To use, freeze the Cooler in a freezer and place your drinks in it. The FREEZEZE Sports Cooler can cool a room temperature drink in less than 45 minutes so you can use it to cool several drinks in a day.  The 3 1/4" diameter allows this cooler to hold most 20-25 ounce drinks or 2 cans.

Freezeze Sports Cooler

Consumers can now cycle several beverages through the refreezable FREEZEZE Sports Cooler, enjoying ice-cold drinks ALL DAY LONG!  There's nothing like a cool refreshing drink between tennis sets, while horseback riding, playing golf or on long drives.  No more yucky warm water on a hot day!

Since the prefrozen Energy Cartridge does not use ice cubes, your drink is not diluted from melting ice and so it will also hold more liquid!

This terrific new product is actually Three-Products-in-One!  The new FREEZEZE Sports Cooler will:

  • Hold Bottles or Cans
  • Is a super-size drink jug with a screw-on lid and plastic straw
  • Is a terrific wine cooler for picnics


Use the refreezable FREEZEZE Sports Cooler as a great drink jug while hiking or fishing, rinse it out and then pop in a bottle of your favorite wine. 

We did say it'll hold just about any beverage!  The refreezable FREEZEZE Sports Cooler is ideal for picnics, and will quick-chill a bottle wine in about 15 minutes, or keep your favorite adult beverage ice-cold all day long.   

If your favorite adult beverage is margaritas, you can keep them ice cold without ice cubes.  And if you use the screw-on lid with plastic straw to sip your concoction, you'll be doing a Mexican hat dance by the time you reach the bottom of your 1 liter drink.  Ole!

What if you don't have a bottle?  No problem!  Just pour your favorite beverage into the cooling chamber, screw on the accessory lid, stick in the plastic straw with cap and use your refreezable FREEZEZE Sports Cooler as a super-size drink jug.  The sport cooler is easy to clean, just use hot soapy water


Freezeze Sports Cooler

The FREEZEZE Sports Cooler & Tote can keep your drinks ice cold all day long and also keep you looking cool! This product can be ordered directly from our web site.

Sports Cooler & Tote Bag

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74710 FREEZEZE™ Sports Cooler & Tote Bag $19.99