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THERAPRO™ Equestrian Hot/Cold Compress

Therapro Equestrian Hot/Cold Compresses
  • Versatile Hot or Cold Compress

  • Simply Heat or Freeze and use

  • Reduces swelling, hemorrhaging, pain, aches & muscle spasms

  • Convenient Leakproof Design

  • Reusable, Economical & Effective

  • No leaks, spills or watery mess

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The Ultimate Compress

The THERAPRO Hot/Cold Compress is a versatile, practical and therapeutic. It contains a state of the art gel which provides soothing even heat or cold for extended periods of time. Use of the therapeutic THERAPRO Hot/Cold Compress reduces swelling, aches, hemorrhaging, muscle spasms and pain. Furthermore, it promotes faster healing. This is an economical product which can be used over and over again. THERAPRO Hot/Cold Compress is available in a multitude of colors and sizes.

The THERAPRO Hot/Cold Compress are specially designed to help in critical and fragile areas.  These Scientifically Compresses make therapeutic easy and effective.  Each Compress is reusable and can be used right from the freezer or kept frozen for several hours in a cooler packed with ice or heated in a microwave or hot water until needed.

These high quality THERAPRO Hot/Cold Compress now easily provides relief for  tendons, suspensory ligament, knees, hocks, feet and fetlocks can be easily treated whether you're on the road or at home.

These products are also designed for added comfort enabling your horse to move around freely while therapy is applied. The Hot/Cold Compresses are Reusable and washable.


Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

Code Name Price  
40560 THERAPRO™ Equestrian HOT / COLD Ice Pack (6" x 8") $8.99
40561 THERAPRO™ Equestrian HOT / COLD Ice Pack (6" x 10") $10.99
40562 THERAPRO™ Equestrian HOT / COLD Ice Pack (6" x 12") $12.99
40563 THERAPRO™ Equestrian HOT / COLD Ice Pack (8" x 10") $14.99
40564 THERAPRO™ Equestrian HOT / COLD Ice Pack (10" x 12") $16.99